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Kathy L.

I am very satisfied with the service they are providing to me.

Description of Work
lawn work

Category lawn service



Kathy L.

Great job! I would highly recommend them and I am very satisfied with their service.

Description of Work
Lawn work

Category lawn service



Kathy L.

I don't have to worry about anything. They did a great job.

Description of Work
Lawn care.

Category lawn service



Kathy L.

I would highly recommend them. Great service.

Description of Work
Lawn work

Category lawn service



Rich B.

TruGreen is as a bad a business to deal with. They refused to let me talk to a manager when called the company. They continued to keep me from talking to a manager even though I complained on their website through my account. I talked to a manager for the first time today Monday Se 18, 2017 when he called me in the morning to yell at me, accuse me of looking for free service, and refused to come out and see the problem or try to remedy the problem. Totally unprofessional and a scam business that destroyed my lawn and left me with a health hazard on my lawn, Rust Mold which aggravates allergies and contaminates everything it touches. They still owe me money from the account they took from Turf Master. I never wanted TruGreen to work on my lawn. Thy bought the prepaid service I had with Turf Master. I want all my money back from them that was left on my prepaid service when they got it from Turf Master and I want my lawn cleaned up and restored back the way it was. Bing a disabled veteran I do not have the ability to fix this problem and will be forced to hire someone for the mess created by TruGreen. TruGreen is dishonest and lacks integrity.

Description of Work
They bought Turf Master and took over my prepaid lawn service. They did an application on Aug 29, 2017. They contaminated my lawn with Rust Mold. The tech, Dan, who worked on my lawn came out to see why I had a complaint. Stated he was killing weeds no grass. I pointed out the yellow and red/range discoloration to my Kentucky Blue grass and Rye grass. He left and another Tech Eric came and stated I had Rust Mold. He stated I was overwatering the lawn. I didn't water the Lawn only rain kept my lawn watered. H told me I had to cut and bag it but I told him I could not do that as I am a disabled veteran and don't have a bagging system for my riding mower. I also can't rake because of my disability. He told me he would talk to his manager. He stated later on Sep 15 that 3 managers were coming out on Monday Sep 18. They were going to look at the mold and use a herbicide to kill it. I got a call from a manager Monday morning who stated they were not going or do anything about the mold because rain would wash it away. This is not true as the mold will go dormant and continue to reappear unless I is killed according to reports published on rust mold. Further the rust mold causes allergy attacks and is easily tracked into the house as it gets all over everything it touches. The manager then proceeded to yell at me over the phone stating his other customers have rust mold too and he doesn't treat their mold either. This leads to his tech contaminating all the other lawns he works on with rust mold by way of equipment and his shoes. I told the manager I never had rust mold with Turf Master. Now after 1 application I have rust mold. He continued to yell at me on the phone stating all I wanted was to get free service from him and he was not having that. He continued to talk over me, yelling he was not going to do anything period. The manager was extremely rude and tried to intimidate me. I also know 2 other customers in the same situation as myself because of the application from TruGreen at 615 Day Hill Rd, Windsor, CT 06095 Phone# 860-907-4540. TruGreen is unprofessional, does not take responsibility for their actions, managers refuse to come out and talk with customer and see the problem instead they accuse the customer of trying to get free service. TruGreen also lies to customers about lawn problems they cause, they use untrained ill educated techs to apply chemicals to your lawn as evidenced by the tech who tried to tell me it was weed killer killing weeds instead of knowing that it was rust mold on my grass. Buyer beware your lawn will be destroyed and when it happens, you will be treated like dirt and left having to fight to get your lawn fixed. TruGreen is not a reputable business. I am submitting a few pictures but have many more. I also have pictures fro today Sep 18, 2017 to show the continuing spread of mold.

Category lawn treatment

Service Provider Response

We are very sorry to hear that your experience with our customer support team was not helpful, and we would like to apologize about how this may have impacted you. We take great pride in offering the highest possible level of customer service, and it is extremely concerning to read the details of your experience. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your experience directly so that we can expedite a speedy and effective solution. Please contact us at: 1 (800) 515-3380 at your earliest convenience. Again, we would like to apologize for any inconvenience.



Shannon K.

I list of grievances with Scottslawn is too long to put here however I will write some highlights...

Description of Work
Sprayed chemical fertilizers and pesticides.



Bonnie D.

I have no problem with the products or the people doing the lawn. I DO have a problem with their scheduleing. I sign up for 4 applications a year and they try to sneak more in at my cost. This has been going on for the past 3-4 years after repeatedly asking them to not do this. So after the first application this year, they called to apply another application within days of the first one. I've had enough.

Description of Work
Fertilized the lawn.

Category lawn service, lawn treatment



Kelly C.

We have used them for the past two years. I was happy. The people are pleasant enough. One guy does all the application but I think two men came in to do the aeration.

Description of Work
We use Scotts Lawn Service for lawn and yard work. They do the fertilizers and they do the aeration and over seeding.

Category lawn service, lawn treatment



Laurie D.

I've been using them for probably the last four years or so. We actually see them in the neighborhood. They do a good job. The staff is very good. It is an interesting line of work; it is not a work that I would do. Scott seems to run the whole lawn and we appreciate that. We had one problem were they over sprayed and fried the lawn a little bit but they did come out and looked at what happened to the lawn and gave us some credit. They were responsive to the complaint but they did fry the grass. Their prices are fine.

Description of Work
We do Scotts Lawn Service. They do a cafeteria sale where you can pick what you want done. We have them mostly do the weed control. They send you the bill and when you prepaid it they give you 5% off. We only get four services but they'll do everything. They will come seed your lawn, shrubs and check your trees. I suspect we are on the low end because we only want them to come out here with the chemical. Mostly they come out four times, spring, couple times in the summer and then fall.

Category lawn treatment



Patricia U.

Not good. they triple charged me. Gave me a hard time, made all kinds of exscuses. Finally gave me my money back but it took a few months

Description of Work
Not much

Category lawn treatment



Michael M.

.This company did not provide the expertise needed to solve my landscape problems It was difficult to focus their attention on specfic issues when the needs did not fit a planned schedule of application When i dismissed the company for failure to perform i was sent a bill for a final application not performed.When i called and explained why i had denied continued service i was sent a collection letter.I would highly recommend staying with a local landscaper whose reputation in your area depends on word of mouth and whose ability to perform is not tied to a preset schedule of a standard apply and bill formula

Description of Work
This is a national cookie cutter service . They provide a standard application of their product at a designated time and send a bill .This company does not address individual concerns and rarely do you speak to the same individual twice

Category lawn treatment



Helen S.

It was fine. I have no complains. My husband was the one who did it and I think there were two of those we speak with were very pleased with. The price was about competitive and the price was okay.

Description of Work
I used the pest control/exterminating service of Scotts Lawn Service.

Category pest control


Teresa B.

They keep my lawn nice nice and green and they keep the bugs out. The quality of work is fine.

Description of Work
Scotts LawnService come periodically to do lawn fertilization.

Category lawn treatment



Gene A.

They were horrible. I came on vacation and then Angie’s list launched their service. I would now be getting into it finally and checking reviews for services in my area. Last year I used Scotts Lawn Service. I thought it was unbelievable, I have used Scotts products for years and I thought their lawn service would be top of the line but it ended up worst then if I did not do anything at all. I actually got my money back from them. They actually refunded without a problem but that was not really the point. In my area if I do not prevent the crappy rats at spring time then we get it and there was no way to get rid of it. Last year was a disaster because they messed the whole thing up. It was six payments for $70.00 and I did not get pass the payment because I had issued and I called them back and called them back. Then they came but I wanted a supervisor out here because it was really a serious issue. They never sent the supervisor and they refunded my money and I never heard from them again. They were not interested in making it right. What I wanted was to have somebody who cared about what happened and nobody seemed to. It was huge surprise for me being Scotts. They were the guys I was buying their stuff for years. It totally blew my mind. I got my money back with no hassles.

Description of Work
I used Scotts LawnService for lawn services.

Category lawn treatment



Edward H.

We did receive the estimate and the price was relatively reasonable, although aspects of it were a little open-ended. However, while I was away on a business trip, my wife had cntacted another company and had already agreed to their services. Thus, we did not conclude an agreement with Scotts. However, I would go with them if the company we had already contracted with does not work out.

Description of Work
We contacted Scotts for an estimate of providing weed control and fertilization services for our lawn. The contact was strictly for an estimate. It took two attempts to get a reply and the reply was by telephone. No one came out even though the flyer they sent said someone would come out and test the soil..

Category lawn treatment



Russell B.

I have a yearly contract with them. They are okay. Their prices are pretty good.They come out on a regular basis. I will continue to use them because of their price.

Description of Work
I use Scotts LawnService for lawn treatments.

Category lawn treatment




I like that they call first and tell me what they want to do. It gives me the opportunity to approve or not. They also tell me the times range they would be here at.

Description of Work
They come out every 2-3 months and they take care of our whole front and back lawn.

Category pest control, landscaping, lawn service, lawn treatment



Janice H.

They are very professional and have a good product.

Description of Work
They come every three months to lay down fertilizer.

Category lawn treatment


They did some fertilizing and killed some weeds in my yard for me about a month ago. I would give them an A rating and will use them again.

Description of Work
I used Scotts Lawn Service for some yard work I needed done.

Category lawn treatment



Cynthia G.

They came when they said they were going to come and everything was fine. They were good.

Description of Work
They did lawn fertilization and treatment.

Category lawn treatment



Janet R.

They charge me about $80 for an application for just a standard weed and feed. There was a contractor who didn’t show up for the aeration as scheduled. I would use them in the future too.

Description of Work
I have a contract with Scotts Lawnservice – Windsor for weed and feed and aeration. I’ve used them a couple of times in the last 3 months. The most recent one was about 3 weeks ago.

Category lawn service



Dennis B.

Terrible; complete idiots and a rip off! Over fertilized so that they killed large swaths of my lawn. Then they showed up while I was at work and tried to aerate and purported to overseed in the worst of the late summer drought. Ground was so hard in most of my yard the aeration hardly made a dimple in the soil. When I called to complain they said under their guarantee they would do it again within a week. What a rip off and waste. No point in aerating when ground is hard, no point in overseeding in drought when being advised not to water lawns. Could not be more discouraged by how these people blatantly ripped me off as soon as they got paid, apparently because they had nothing else to do with their time. Terrible, terrible!

Description of Work
They were supposed to fertilize and treat in the summer at house I just purchased. I was to get aeration and overseeding upon appointment in the fall.

Category lawn service




These guys did a great job! They were always very professional and very punctual. I have a service agreement with them and I pay them yearly to keep my lawn looking very healthy and beautiful. They schedule their visits and come out which is hassle free for me.

Description of Work
I had them apply chemicals and fertilizer to my lawn. They also put weed killer and pest repellent on my 5000 square foot yard.

Category lawn treatment




I have been using Scott's Lawn Service for many years now. Even though the prices are a tad steep I feel that I get my money's worth. I would highly recommend them to other people looking for work to be done on their yards.

Description of Work
Scott's lawn service does seasonal work on our 2000 square foot lawn. The services that they perform include weed treatments, pest control and fertilizing.

Category lawn treatment



Tom M.

Very Poor. They missed areas of the lawn and weeds subsequently took over. When we canceled our contract, they came out several times and billed for unwanted service. We get a better lawn doing it ourselves. The cost and service was not worth the price.

Description of Work
Signed up for standard lawn service 4 times per year.


Does TruGreen lawn care really work? ›

Overall, we give TruGreen a score of 97 out of 100. We believe it's the best lawn care company in the industry. TruGreen offers customers flexibility with five different lawn care programs and is available in 49 states.

Which TruGreen plan is best? ›

TruMaintenance is the lowest tier, including basic fertilization and weed control based on a soil test and healthy lawn analysis. TruSignature is the most comprehensive plan and includes everything from fertilization and seeding to lawn aeration and tree and shrub care.

Are Scotts and TruGreen the same company? ›

Scotts LawnService is no longer available. The company merged with TruGreen, which offers a free price quote through its online request form. You can also call 1-866-817-2172.

How long does it take to see results from TruGreen? ›

How long will it take for weeds to disappear after my TruGreen service begins? Every weed is different, and some weeds are more difficult to control than others. For most weeds, you'll begin to see a decline within 10-14 days. Typical signs of effective weed control include discoloration, twisting and withering.

Is there a lawsuit against TruGreen? ›

(Beyond Pesticides, March 30, 2020) Last week, Beyond Pesticides sued TruGreen, the national chemical landscaping company, for misrepresenting the safety of the toxic chemicals that it uses to treat lawns. The case is Beyond Pesticides v. TruGreen (DC Superior Court, Case No. 2020CA001973B, March, 20, 2020).

How long do you have to stay off grass after TruGreen? ›

After a service, TruGreen advises customers to allow the application to dry before their families and pets can resume enjoying their lawns. Depending on weather conditions, the drying process usually takes from 1-2 hours.

Is it hard to cancel TruGreen? ›

Cancelling a subscription service that you no longer need just became so much easier. Another option is to mail asking the support team to cancel your account. To voice your concerns or raise a complaint, simply call 800-464-0171 from your phone.

Who has the best lawn care service? ›

  • The 11 Best Lawn Care Service Companies of 2022.
  • Weed Man.
  • NaturaLawn of America.
  • Lawn Doctor.
  • Ryan Lawn & Tree.
  • Spring-Green.
  • Green Lawn Fertilizing.
  • TruGreen.
13 Sept 2022

Should I mow before or after TruGreen? ›

You should wait to mow for 24 to 48 hours post treatment. This is because it takes at least 24 hours for broadleaf weed control to translocate throughout the vascular system of the plant. If you cut the grass too soon, you're not letting the herbicide get into the plant.

Who is TruGreen competitor? ›

Popular competitors for TruGreen's full-service lawn care include Lawn Doctor, Weed Man, and Lawn Love. DIY companies like Sunday and Lawnbright are also popular.

Does TruGreen spray weeds? ›

The TruGreen® TruNatural®Lawn Plan uses 100% natural fertilizer that encourages healthy grass growth. This all-natural way to care for your lawn does not use traditional weed control.

Does TruGreen do fertilizer? ›

That's why at TruGreen, we specialize in lawn care plans that offer fertilization services to help strengthen your turf. Our fertilizer experts can formulate the best program to address specific deficiencies and build up density to ensure you have a healthy lawn you can be proud of. Special offer! We're here to help!

How often does TruGreen fertilize? ›

As summer turns to fall, have TruGreen give your lawn another aeration session and overseed to prevent and enhance thinning lawns. For warm-season grasses: Feed. During the active summer growth period, have grass fertilized every four to eight weeks.

How many years does it take to get a good lawn? ›

A new lawn starting from seed can take two to three years to become the thick, healthy carpet you want. Grass is a living plant. It takes time to grow and develop. How fast your grass will fill in depends on several factors, from the type of grass to the amount of sunlight to the time of year.

Does TruGreen get rid of ants? ›

However, the most common pests we treat for are ants, boxelder bugs, centipedes, cockroaches, earwigs, kudzu bugs, lady beetles, millipedes, mud daubers, paper wasps, scorpions, sow bugs, spiders, and stink bugs.

Is TruGreen toxic to dogs? ›

TruGreen is our top recommended lawn care service due to its variety of plan options, superb reputation and customer reviews, Healthy Lawn Guarantee, and pet-safe products!

Is it worth getting your lawn treated? ›

So in response to the question 'is it worth paying for lawn care? ', the answer is definitely yes. There are plenty of reasons to hire lawn care services that outweigh the reasons not to.

Are TruGreen and Terminix the same company? ›

With a network of more than 5,000 company-owned and franchise locations, Memphis-based ServiceMaster is one of the world's largest residential and commercial service networks. The company's high profile brands are TruGreen, Terminix, American Home Shield, ServiceMaster Clean, Merry Maids, Furniture Medic and AmeriSpec.

How do I quit TruGreen? ›

You may opt-out of the Program by texting STOP to 72241. You consent to receive one message confirming your opt-out. If you are participating in any other text message programs provided by TruGreen, you must opt-out of those programs separately.

Is it better to leave grass longer? ›

A longer grass blade will shade the ground underneath, keeping it cooler, meaning it won't dry our as quickly as when the lawn is mowed short. In other words, the lawn does not have to receive as much supplemental water. Reduces weed growth.

What chemical does TruGreen use on lawns? ›

TruGreen uses glyphosate, classified as probably carcinogenic by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, as well as a weedkiller with a label warning of "irreversible eye damage" and "allergic reactions," and a neurotoxic insecticide, according to Beyond Pesticides.

What are the benefits of TruGreen? ›

  • Lawn Care and Outdoor Professional Services.
  • Lawn Aeration & Overseeding Service.
  • Outdoor Nuisance Pest Control Plan.
  • Lawn Disease Service.
  • Lawn Fertilization Service.
  • Weed Control.

Can I cancel TruGreen at any time? ›

Customers can cancel online with this form or call 1-844-768-1020 to end their TruGreen plan.

Should I hire a lawn care company or do it myself? ›

You'll save some money.

Professional lawn maintenance can get expensive, so by doing it yourself, you may save some money. However, when you consider equipment maintenance, purchase of weed killer and fertilizer, and the time and effort involved, the amount of money you actually save may be less than you think.

What is full service lawn care? ›

Full-Service Lawn Care & Maintenance Programs

We handle mowing, edging, and leaf-blowing services as necessary. However, we also take a close look at soil health, turf disease management, and fertilization to improve the look and health of your lawn.

Is it better to pick up grass or leave it? ›

It's a question we all face when mowing the grass: Should I bag my clippings or leave them on the lawn? In most cases, the answer is easy. Recycle the grass clippings by leaving them on the lawn. Doing so will not only save you time and energy, but will also return valuable nutrients to the lawn.

Is it better to leave your lawn long or short for winter? ›

If your grass is too long, it's at risk for disease. The ideal grass height for winter is between 2 inches and 2.5 inches. This keeps grass short enough to resist disease spread, but not so short that it becomes overly stressed by cold temperatures.

Is it better to cut grass at night or in the morning? ›

Mid-morning (between 8 and 10 a.m.) tends to be the best time of day for mowing your lawn. It allows enough time for dew to dry, resulting in strong, perky blades of grades, while avoiding the hottest periods of the day.

What is the best lawn fertilizer program? ›

Top 7 Lawn Fertilizers – Reviews
  1. Milorganite 0636 Nitrogen Fertilizer. Eco-Friendly Pick.
  2. Jonathan Green Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer. ...
  3. GreenView Lawn Food. ...
  4. Scotts Natural Lawn Food. ...
  5. GreenView Fairway Formula Spring Fertilizer + Crabgrass Preventer.
  6. Safer Brand Lawn Restore Fertilizer.
  7. Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food.
6 days ago

What is the biggest lawn care company? ›


Does TruGreen get rid of clover? ›

Best Professional Lawn Care: TruGreen

It uses natural fertilizers that can kill off and prevent clover from taking over your property, and its other products and services will further beautify your grass even beyond weed removal.

What if it rains after TruGreen? ›

Rain will actually speed the process of turf growth and weed control. After rain weeds and grass have an accelerated growth rate. This helps weeds to absorb the weed control and expedites the dying process. It also helps turf absorb fertilizer and produce new, green growth.

Will TruGreen get rid of crabgrass? ›

Getting rid of crabgrass in your lawn

By applying lower volumes of herbicide with smaller spray droplets, the TruGreen technique allows for targeted control of crabgrass and other aggressive weeds.

Is it better to pull out weeds or spray? ›

Hand-weeding is better for removing a handful of weeds. Spraying weeds is better for handling large weed infestations. Pulling weeds by hand will not make future weeds harder to remove. Sprayed weeds still have to be pulled out of the ground once they die fully.

Is it cheaper to fertilize your own lawn? ›

So is it Really Cheaper to DIY? The fact is that buying your own fertilizer generally save you around 10% to 15% versus hiring a professional lawn care operator. However, if you add in the cost of liquid weed control, and the cost of your time, hiring a lawn care company is actually cheaper.

Does TruGreen use liquid or granular fertilizer? ›

TruGreen uses liquid fertilizer in the cooler months and switches to granular once it warms up.

How do I know if I need to fertilize my lawn? ›

If you are noticing any of these signs, it may be time to fertilize your lawn.
Nitrogen Deficiency
  1. Yellow-green or yellow grass.
  2. Slow growth.
  3. Low grass density.

Should you fertilize your yard every year? ›

A full feeding is recommended at least 5-6 times per year. You want to feed your lawn when it's growing most rapidly. However, you should base the frequency on your climate and the type of grass you have. For example, cool season grasses can be fertilized in late spring, but only if necessary.

What time of year should I fertilize my yard? ›

Fall is the most important time to fertilize your lawn. Now is when roots grow. Fall is a great time to fertilize the lawn. Lawns are hungry now and they will develop most of their root systems during this season.

How long does it take for grass to green up after fertilizing? ›

You'll start to see results anywhere from 1 to 5 days afterward, depending upon the type of fertilizer you use.

What time of year is best to replace a lawn? ›

In an ideal world turf should be laid when the ground is neither waterlogged or dry. This makes spring and autumn the best times of year. There is a real reason why you have to wait for the ground to be dry and not frosty. Good preparation of the ground is crucial to getting a good lawn.

Will grass seed grow if I just throw it down? ›

The short answer – is yes. Grass seed can grow if you just throw it on the ground, but the success of the germination will be much different compared to when you do the right preparation and sowing technique.

What month is best to put grass seed down? ›

In many climates, the best time to plant grass seed is in the autumn. The still-warm soil of late August, September, October, or November encourages optimum root growth, while the cooling air temperatures discourage excessive top growth. This is perfect for establishing lawn grasses and promoting extensive root growth.

Does TruGreen spray for fleas and ticks? ›

TruGreen may be known first and foremost as a lawn care company, but its specialists offer a variety of pest control services. TruGreen offers control for mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, grubs, and many common pests like spiders, cockroaches, earwigs, pillbugs, and chiggers.

What kills ants but not the grass? ›

If ants have invaded your lawn, you can eliminate them at critical points by spreading a mixture of baking soda, powdered sugar, and dry yeast which should be 1/3 of each part. The mixture has to be sprinkled in the most frequented spots by ants. Powdered sugar attracts them, while baking soda and yeast kill them.

Does cutting grass help with ants? ›

If you cut the lawn shorter, the lawn will eventually die which will create open spaces in the lawn that the ants find attractive to build their nests. In the fall, chop up some of the fallen leaves with your mower and leave them on the lawn.

Should I mow my lawn before TruGreen comes? ›

You usually don't want to mow your lawn within 24 hours before any such treatment. This is because if you mow right before an herbicide treatment, there isn't much leaf area left to absorb the weed control. If a broadleaf weed control doesn't come in contact with enough of the plant's foliage, it won't be effective.

What is another company like TruGreen? ›

TruGreen competitors include DIY, Terminix, ServiceMaster and Orkin. TruGreen ranks 4th in Overall Culture Score on Comparably vs its competitors.

Is it better to leave cut grass on the lawn or pick it up? ›

Ideally, you shouldn't mow a wet lawn at all, but if you can't wait until the grass has dried, be sure to pick up the clippings when you've finished.

Is it better to pick up cut grass or leave it? ›

It's a question we all face when mowing the grass: Should I bag my clippings or leave them on the lawn? In most cases, the answer is easy. Recycle the grass clippings by leaving them on the lawn. Doing so will not only save you time and energy, but will also return valuable nutrients to the lawn.

Does TruGreen lay off in the winter? ›

We get laid off for up to 3 months in winter. You are still required to pay for insurance and benefits and will receive a bill in the mail while you draw unemployment.

How many times should I fertilize my lawn? ›

A full feeding is recommended at least 5-6 times per year. You want to feed your lawn when it's growing most rapidly. However, you should base the frequency on your climate and the type of grass you have. For example, cool season grasses can be fertilized in late spring, but only if necessary.

Is aerating your lawn good? ›

Aeration loosens soil, improves drainage, prevents thatch buildup, and helps roots get the food they need to grow long and strong. Unless your soil is sandy and drainage is not a problem, it's a good idea to consider aerating.

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