The Golf Academy at Fiddler’s Elbow (2022)

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Train Like the Pros!
10 Reasons to Choose the Golf Academy at Fiddler’s Elbow to Improve Your Game

An Elite Teaching Staff

At Fiddler’s you get a Dream Team of teaching professionals led by World Golf Hall of Fame member, and nationally ranked instructor Mike Adams.

Every team needs a coach to set the vision. At the Golf
Academy at Fiddler’s Elbow that person is Director of Golf George Deitz.

The Academy

Why not train like the pros with the professionals who coach many top players in the country. Students travel from as far away as China, from other states like California, New York and Florida just to work with our team. On any given day you are likely to see a club pro, a touring pro, a nationally ranked amateur or junior player and of course, club members, all working on their games at the Golf Academy at Fiddler’s Elbow.

Indoor & Outdoor Training

It is imperative that you train year-round in order to keep improving. Just as important, you want to practice the right way. You need to understand your golf swing as it relates to your grip and how your body moves and functions. We give each player a clear understanding of how, as an individual, they are supposed to swing the golf club. At the Golf Academy at Fiddler’s Elbow, it is possible to train all year long, indoors and out. The Academy building is open 365 and our coaching staff is always available to you.

High Tech Training

No matter whether you are a beginner or a pro, game improvement begins with the basics from the grip, to the stance, short game and putting and includes fitting you with the right clubs and swing. The latest in technology is available to you at the Golf Academy at Fiddler’s Elbow including Trackman and Foresight GC Quad launch monitors, Smart2Move, Swing Catalyst forceplates, MySwing 3D motion capture analysis and much more. Our very own Mike Adams has even developed some incredible proprietary devices to help you identify the right grip, groove your swing and consistently find that sweet spot.

Award Winning Range

At Fiddler’s Elbow you will not only experience the finest in instruction and technology, but our academy includes an award winning double sided range and short game area often recognized by Golf Range Association of America as one of the 50 best in the country. Our indoor facility is state-of-the-art where you can practice year-round regardless of the weather outside. The Academy building is also home to the New Jersey Golf Hall of Fame, NJPGA Headquarters and the New Jersey Golf Foundation.

Short Game

While we all would love to be a long driver of the ball, it is often the short game that is the great equalizer. The short game includes chipping, putting, greenside bunker play and more. No matter your age, size or gender you can develop a strong and reliable short game. Our programs begin with an analysis of your technique and include shot making strategies that will make your short game consistent, providing you with the confidence you need under pressure. The range and short game area at Fiddler’s allows you to work on just about every shot you will ever face out on the course. And our indoor Academy building includes Sam Putting Lab and other technology to improve your putting.

Lessons, Clinics, Camps

The Golf Academy at Fiddler’s Elbow offers a full and diverse range of lessons, clinics and camps. Private lessons and group lessons of any size are available to players of all abilities. It is not unusual on any given day to see tour pros, club pros, groups of executives, and club members all receiving instruction at the same time. Players of all body types and abilities, from novices to experts, are all treated with equal attention and care. There are no standardized teaching methods or programs at Fiddler’s as all are planned and customized to the unique needs of our students.

Elite Players

It should come as no surprise that some of the finest professional and amateur players train at the Golf Academy at Fiddler’s Elbow. These players come from all over the globe sometimes for a tweak and other times for significant changes to their swing. Much the way you choose a doctor, you should always opt for the best if you can get it. It’s no coincidence that our Director of Instruction, World Golf Hall of Fame member Mike Adams, for instance, is often referred to as “The Swing D­octor.” Many of the world’s elite players drop in for help with their golf swing on a regular basis and you can too.

Mental & Physical Training

To drive it long and accurate and to make a chip or putt under pressure requires a confidence and comfort that can also be developed through training. The Golf Academy at Fiddler’s Elbow is pleased to offer you the services of one of the finest sport psychologists in the business, Dr. Nick Molinaro. Dr. Nick can often be seen on television or heard on the radio offering tips to sharpen your mental skills. Players that work with Dr. Nick report significant improvements in their attention and confidence that allow them to play their best under pressure whether they are a beginner on the first tee or competing for the club championship, the pressures can be similar to those faced by tour players putting for the big money. Dr. Nick will help you develop the tools necessary to thrive under these conditions.

While he concentrates on your mind, the fitness team at Fiddler’s will work on your body. They are adept, and expert, at working with you to get your body where it needs to be. No two bodies are alike, therefore, our team will customize a fitness program unique to you, your body, and your goals. They also work closely with the golf staff so that your ultimate swing and practice regimen takes your physical health into consideration.

If you train your body and mind you will develop a game that is reliable and ever improving.

Fiddler’s Elbow

The Golf Academy at Fiddler’s Elbow is located at nationally renowned and Distinguished Club of the World, Fiddler’s Elbow in scenic Bedminster, New Jersey. Easily accessible from all over the globe, Fiddler’s is located midway between international airports in Newark, New York and Philadelphia and accessed from Route 78, a major highway in central New Jersey. Fiddler’s Elbow is a private club with three championship golf courses and a facility and staff that is second to none. You will find the staff to be welcoming and friendly. In fact, their mission is to “WOW” you and the feeling is palpable.

Our Team

  • Mike Adams, PGA, Director of Instruction


      Mike Adams was named Director of Instruction in 2019. According to Director of Golf George Deitz, "Mike is without a doubt the finest teacher in New Jersey and one of the most sought-after instructors in the country. Mike has dedicated his life to improving the game of golf for all levels of golfers." Mike has incredible credentials. Highlights include being named 2016 PGA National Teacher of the Year. He is a member of the World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame having been elected in the class of 2016 along with Butch Harmon, Jim McLean, Jim Hardy, David Leadbetter, and Chuck Cook. He has been ranked by Golf Digest as the #2 teacher in the country, is a perennial GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher, has taught 5 Presidents, and multiple winners on the PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tour. Jim Hardy recently commented, "Mike Adams is one the best teachers in the world and brings great information and a passion for helping people in every lesson." "With Mike at the helm," says George, "we are raising the bar on our entire game improvement program, including lessons, clinics, camps, and the academy. You can expect more from our staff and your game when you train at Fiddler's Elbow.

    • The Golf Academy at Fiddler’s Elbow (3)

      Jeremy Eccles

      Pga Golf Coach & Head of Junior Development

      At the start of 2016, Jeremy Eccles became our PGA Golf Coach and Head of Junior Development. Jeremy is a Class A Professional in the PGA and in addition to all of his accomplishments, he brings vastinstructional experience from top-100 clubs from across the country. Jeremy's teaching philosophy 'apply new concepts with simple thought and action' has continued to lead to lower scores and more repeatable swings. Jeremy is a contributing writer for the national PGAMagazine, TPI Certified Golf Coach (Biomechanics, Power, Junior & Golf), and Captain of the 2019 PGA Jr. League New Jersey State Champions. Jeremy's success in golf started early as a member of the2000 Massachusetts Division 1 High School State Championship and played collegiate golf at Johnson & Wales University (2005 NAIA Men's Golf National Champions) where he graduated with a bachelor of science degree in Sports/ Entertainment/ Event Management in2007. Jeremy specializes in the development of junior athletes, club speed/distance increases at any age, andshort-game instruction. Jeremy was honored most recently as the recipient of the 2020 NJPGA Youth Player Development Award.

  • Gia Liwski, LPGA Golf Professional
    • The Golf Academy at Fiddler’s Elbow (4)

      Gia Liwski

      LPGA Teaching Professional

      Gia is a LPGA Class A with almost 25 years of teaching experience. She has been named an LPGA Top 50 Instructor, LPGA Northeast Teacher of the Year, ranked by Golf Digest as one of the Top 5 teachers in New Jersey, and one of Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers in America.Gia’s events and instruction have been featured on numerous podcasts as well as in Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, Golf For Women Magazine, Golf Kitchen, amongst others. She is also the founder and host of Golf Experiences For Her®, an events company that marries learning the game of golf with sophisticated lifestyle experiences, creating a very special and fully customizable day for her clients.Having traveled the world as host to two different golf-lifestyle television programs, Gia has a unique perspective on golf and the lifestyle that goes with it. Her love of instruction and passion for lifestyle, entertaining, cooking, recipes, tips, and tricks, can all be found on @trywithgia on Instagram. Gia has spent the past 19 years working closely with and learning from her mentor, Mike Adams, and approaches her instruction with an emphasis on BioSwing Dynamics. Gia’s instruction is widely recognized as bio-mechanically oriented, clearly communicated, and she is a positive source of motivation for her students, which range from single-digit to first-time golfers. One of the tenets of her instruction is teaching students to swing the club in the best way to suit their individual physicality.

  • Dr. Nick Molinaro, Consulting Sport Psychologist
    • The Golf Academy at Fiddler’s Elbow (5)

      Dr. Nick Molinaro

      Director of Sport Psychology & Performance enhancement

      Dr. Nick has worked with all ages and abilities including PGA,LPGA,, Symetra, and Canadian Tour players, as well as collegiate and junior athletes. His experience in sports psychology goes beyond golf, having worked with Division I-III,World Class, amateurs, and Olympic athletes in all sports. He is the Sports Psychologist for Rutgers Men’s Golf Team for Recruiting and Player Development and assists other collegesand players with recruiting. He will be conducting sports mentalskills assessments and training, small clinics, and individual sessions on and off the course to improve your mental game.

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