The 8 Best Great Dane Breeders In New Jersey! (2022) - We Love Doodles (2022)

The 8 Best Great Dane Breeders In New Jersey! (2022) - We Love Doodles (1)

The Great Dane is a magnificent breed with an imposing outlook. They grow so huge but are just are mostly misjudged because of this. Contrary to speculation, they are good-natured, affectionate, gentle, and easy to train.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to get this breed from credible sources. This is because breeders are the foundation factors to how your Great Dane puppy turns out. Its health and longevity depend partly on genetics. Hence, look through our list of recommended Great Dane breeders in New Jersey.

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Great Dane Puppies for Sale In New Jersey

The 8 Best Great Dane Breeders In New Jersey! (2022) - We Love Doodles (2)

The Great Dane craves constant companionship and loves to please its owners. They would welcome everyone, even strangers, yet switch to defending mode if they perceive a threat. Furthermore, Great Dane puppies are so goofy and spread so much love. Below is the list of some Great Dane breeders in New Jersey.

It should be noted that as we did our research for Great Dane breeders, we did notice a lot of puppy mills and backyard breeders. We highly recommend that if you are serious about purchasing a Great Dane puppy in New Jersey you use a reputable breeder who is health testing and genetic testing their puppies. This is because Great Danes are highly susceptible to genetic diseases due to their tall stature and large frame.

1. Haltmeier Great Danes

The 8 Best Great Dane Breeders In New Jersey! (2022) - We Love Doodles (3)

Haltmeier Great Danes was founded by Pat and Bob in 1967 and have been involved in AKC shows for over 50 years. The Haltmeier Great Dane puppies in Annandale, New Jersey, are versatile; some are trained and certified as Therapy dogs. While others do well as family dogs; however, they are pets first, no matter their role. In addition, Haltmeier has been a member of the Great Dane Club of America for over 40 years.

Their Great Danes are famous for superior quality, enormous size, and balanced temperament. They intentionally make plans to improve the breed differently and pick only the best dogs. It is a rigorous breeding process for each generation of Great Dane.

Please note that after breeding, the breeder would first select a puppy for themselves. Also, families with at least one great Dane already or appropriate experience go next. Yet, the Haltmeier Great Dane has been able to spread love. They have reached thousands of homes in over five decades.

Nonetheless, contact Haltmeier Great Dane to adopt a Great Dane puppy in New Jersey. Their puppies are more than a dog; they are companions for life.

Great Dane Breeder Information

2. Patriotdanes New Jersey

The 8 Best Great Dane Breeders In New Jersey! (2022) - We Love Doodles (4)

Patriotdanes is a dog breeding program located in Millville, southern New Jersey, approximately 45 minutes from Atlantic City. They have a lot of dogs actively involved in show conformation. However, they breed only one litter per year, and all the Great Dane puppies for sale in New Jersey are properly socialized.

Home pets and show puppies are on limited registration. However, the owner can change it when steps are undertaken to partake in the show. Some families take show dogs and have no plan to follow the contract.

You can be sure your Great Dane puppies would be healthy, have received up-to-date vaccinations, and are free of parasites. Similarly, you would get their complete medical records and a certificate proving they are sound. The dogs are also intentionally bred and without any hereditary deformities, particularly at purchase.

Great Dane Breeder Information

3. Quartermile Great Dane Puppies

The 8 Best Great Dane Breeders In New Jersey! (2022) - We Love Doodles (5)

Dawn & Carol have been running Quartermile Great Danes since the 1990s. They have also been showing Great Danes for over 25years. However, they added a new breeder, Tiffany, in 2011. She is passionate about the great Dane breed.

They are members of the Great Dane Club of America and Lehigh valley. They strive to produce top-notch black and blue colored Great Dane, which are sound with outstanding disposition. All Quartermile dogs, both puppies, and breeding adults, are certified by the vet.

You can get either the black, harlequin, or merle Great Dane puppies in New Jersey. They are ethically bred, socialized, well taken care of, and sound. Go through the website to see pictures of the dogs and fill out the application form.

Great Dane Breeder Information

4. Braewynd Danes NJ

The 8 Best Great Dane Breeders In New Jersey! (2022) - We Love Doodles (6)

Braewynd Danes have been breeding since the 1990s. They are experts at showing and caring for the Great Dane breed. They breed only the best quality and strive to improve them constantly. Also, they focus on temperament, health, and conformation as their top breeding goals.

Their Great Dane puppies for sale now partake in conformation and have, over the years, bred champions. If you get your great Dane pet from Braewynd, they recommend that you feed them frequently. Thrice for dogs below five months and not less than twice for those above 5months. Contact them to get your pet.

Great Dane Breeder Information

5. Blueprint Danes

Blueprint Danes is a minor breeding program that focuses on Blue Great Danes. The kennel started as a fascination with the Giant great Dane breed. But it eventually grew to a passion after the breeder purchased a personal dog. This is because Great Danes are goofy yet sweet and regal.

Though, the breeder continued to show in conformation and breed for personal companionship at the time, the kennel finally evolved to share the joy the Great Dane brings. They help match families with the best dogs and improve the quality of great Dane they produce. They focus on the health and longevity of each Blueprint Dane.

Their Puppies can not leave the kennel immediately after birth; they would have to nurse for a while. Also, the Great Dane breeder would need to monitor and train the puppy so they develop the right coping skills. However, they can go home with you in about 8 weeks. Hence, contact the kennel to gain information about availability and other concerns.

Great Dane Breeder Information

6. Vail Great Dane Puppies New Jersey

The 8 Best Great Dane Breeders In New Jersey! (2022) - We Love Doodles (7)

Vail Great Dane is located in Milestone, NJ, and they are Great Dane lovers. They are also dedicated to breeding dogs in conformation, obedience, and agility. The kennel strives to ensure the dogs remain their priority by offering them the best care. So, the parents’ dogs are genetically tested before breeding to avoid hereditary defects.

In addition, Vail Great Dane puppies are properly socialized and receive adequate care. You would pick up your Great Dane pet in person as Vail Great Dane would not ship puppies. So, if you are interested in one of their puppies, send an application. You should include necessary information about yourself and specific needs.

An application would helps the breeder match you with the perfect Great Dane companion. After application, you would get approval, and Dana would share information on puppy availability, the cost, and other requirements.

Great Dane Breeder Information

7. Dream Danes

Betsy Githens is the owner of dream Danes and it is located in New Jersey. They are devoted to offering positive experiences to buyers and their Great Danes. This means following only ethical practices during breeding, obedience or conformation training, and finding homes for the dogs. They also house train the puppies, so they seamlessly adjust into your home.

Dream Danes breeding program is focused on offering top-quality Danes that thrive in all aspects. The dogs do well in show rings or as home pets. They are also intentional regarding the dogs they breed sparingly and selectively. The aim is to produce sound dogs with a good disposition and health.

Dream Danes are socialized and would get along with your other pets, if any, and humans. Now you have decided to get a pet, the dream Dane is the best choice. You can contact the breeder via the link above and provide information about what you expect. They are ethical professionals and would match you with the right dog.

They would be in touch afterward with pricing and other information. But, the price of a Great Dane would depend on the breeder. However, it would include an AKC limited registration after the companion puppy is spayed/neutered. If you need your dog cropped, you would have to pay extra. Nonetheless, the puppies will come with a month worth of accident and illness insurance.

Great Dane Breeder Information

8. F&B KennelsThe 8 Best Great Dane Breeders In New Jersey! (2022) - We Love Doodles (8)

Michael Urpsruch is a breeder that focuses on the health and soundness of Great Danes. His kennel is focused on traditional and alternative great Dane colors. The dogs are house trained and live indoors with the family. They are exposed to extensive training like crate and obedience.

You would need to make a $300 deposit to hold a puppy. But the price of the puppies varies and depends on limited or complete registration. Please note that the color of the Great Dane puppy does not affect the cost. Yet, all the dogs are cropped and vaccinated.

In addition, you would pay an additional 400 dollars for crop services. A dog with limited registration is 2000, while the complete registration costs 3000. Nonetheless, you should contact the F&B kennels when you have decided to adopt a Great Dane. Fill out the application form and share details on the type of dog you would love.

Great Dane Breeder Information

Conclusion For Great Dane Breeders in New Jersey

The 8 Best Great Dane Breeders In New Jersey! (2022) - We Love Doodles (9)

The Great Dane is a big noble breed with a prestigious gait, so many breeders breed them. But, getting the dog can get complicated if you do not know what to look out for. Choose the right breeder and consider the size of your house because these dogs need a lot of space. We hope that you were able to find your Great Dane breeder from our list in New Jersey.

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