The 10 BEST RESTAURANTS in ROME in 2023 (2023)

Reading articles on the best restaurants in Rome and all you’re getting is fine dining and expensive restaurants? This list covers the best restaurants in Rome at every price point, so you can decide where you want to eat for every occasion.

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Top Places To Eat in Rome at Every Price Point

Identifying the best restaurants is, of course, subjective. One man’s best is another man’s worst, and it often has to do with price points, among other factors. So we’ve included our favorite restaurants in Rome at multiple price points. You’ll find beloved street food and Michelin-starred restaurants like La Pergola below.

This article contains the best tried-and-tested restaurants in Rome in every price range so there’s something for everyone from cheap to expensive. If you love food and travel (and we think you do!), check out ourlocal food tours in Rome. They’re a great way to explore a new city and eat good authentic food.

TOP FOODS to Try in ROME!!

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Panificio Bonci

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€ | Pizza Hot Spot | Vatican/Prati Area

This is considered one of the best pizza places, if not the best pizza al taglio in Rome. In fact, it’s more of an institution than a pizza place. It’s a bit of a hike from the Vatican Museums but worth it for a quick meal.

Panificio Bonci is named after the owner, Gabriele Bonci, and panificio refers to it as a bread shop. This is literally the foundation of good pizza. In Rome, pizza practically refers to the bread and not the tomato sauce and cheese melted on top. It takes time to understand it. You may or may not find what you call pizza here.

What you will find are delicacies from another world—and damn good bread. If you have the time to get over there during your sightseeing, this place is a must.

Address:Via Trionfale, 36

Ristorante Ad Hoc

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€€€ | Upscale Intimate| Spanish Steps/Piazza del Popolo Area

Do you love wine and cool restaurants? Ad Hoc is something you can definitely write home about. Enjoy a killer meal and an amazing bottle of wine in a super intimate setting. The combination of location, ambiance, great food, and service makes it one of the best restaurants in Rome at its price point.

The name defines the menu.Often changing, the dishes are artistic, clean, and delicious. You can’t say too much or too little about this place. Make a reservation for the cabana room.

Address: Via di Ripetta, 43

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Pastificio Guerra

€ | Street Food Pasta | Takeaway | Piazza del Popolo/Spanish Steps Area

This is one of the best restaurants in Rome simply because you cannot get a better plate of pasta at this price in such a beautiful area: the Spanish Steps. A plate of pasta only costs €4 for an abundant portion! Options you ask? One of two kinds of pasta that they decided to make that day, and most often vegetarian dishes as they cost less than meat.

Pasta comes in a plastic container with a fork, napkin, and plastic cup for you to get water out of a jug, which is why they can charge such a low price. They sell a glass of table wine for a euro or so extra, which will also come in a plastic cup. It all adds to the charm. If you’re in the area and it’s lunchtime, I recommend trying this place. It’s so cheap you may not even realize you spent any money.

Address:Via della Croce, 8

Ai Tre Scalini

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€€-€€€ | Casual Wine Bar | Outdoor Seating | Kids| Colosseum/Termini/Monti Area

Established in 1895, this little winery in the heart of Monti will conquer your heart with its movie-like, intimate atmosphere and an unbeatable selection of over 300 artisanal drinks from wine and beer. Like all the best traditional eateries in Rome, you’ll find the speciality of the day written on a blackboard, all made with fresh and locally-sourced ingredients.

Famous for the hanging vines that cover the wall and somewhat magically cross the street as well,you simply can’t miss this place. For a great gastronomic experience, go there for happy hour and order a glass of red wine accompanied by a selection of their delectable finger foods and snacks. Try the Gorgonzola cheese with honey and walnuts, truffle sausages, and the ricotta di bufala with truffle honey and freshly cut prosciutto!

Address: Via Panisperna, 251


€€€ | Adventurous| Pantheon/Piazza Navona Area

This group of shops and restaurants are owned and operated by a few chefs with Michelin star backgrounds. However, you won’t get Michelin star prices here. Definitely more expensive than your average meal but really cool and worth the money.

The ambience of the restaurant is super modern with an open kitchen and prep area. Come here for lunch or dinner with a big appetite and an open mind. Reservations are recommended.

Address: Via della Stelletta, 4

Piccolo Buco

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€€ | Casual | Kids | Trevi Fountain Area

The name of this restaurant is the small hole, which is similar to the English saying, “hole in the wall.” The pizza is anything but that.

The restaurant is run by Romans but to me, the pizza resembles a Napoletano-style pizza with a thick crust. They cook it in an oven that’s over a hundred years old. I don’t know why that’s important, but it always is. The owners are actually from the Trevi Fountain area, which is rare because nobody lives there, and they have saved us all from tourist trap armageddon.

This is my number one pick for a great, cheap, and fun meal near the Trevi Fountain and quite possibly the best pizza restaurant in Rome.

Address:Via del Lavatore, 91


€ | Street Food| Near Piazza Farnese

There’s supplì and then there’s supplì from Supplizio. You want the latter. These giant deep-fried croquettes will leave a lasting impression as the cheese oozes from that first bite.

With local flavors from amatriciana to carbonara, Supplizio ensures a true Roman experience. Perhaps best of all, you can sit inside the cozy shop on vintage furniture as if you were in the chef’s living room. Or sit outside and people watch while you devour those indulgent supplì. Excuse me, while I step out to get another one for lunch…

Address: Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 143

Antico Arco

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€€€ | Upscale Fine Dining | Some Outdoor Seating| Trastevere/Monteverde Area

This restaurant arguably sits on the border of Trastevere and Monteverde, which puts it on the border of the historical center. Antico Arco has earned a Michelin Plate for their fantastic dishes and presentation. It’s unlikely you’ll see another out-of-towner in this restaurant as it’s a local favorite and it’s just slightly outside the tourist center. That said, it’s in an amazing area with incredible viewpoints, so it’s a real treat!

You’ll want to take a taxi there unless you’re looking to be really hungry by the time you reach the top of Gianicolo.Walking down is definitely an option as you’ll pass by Acqua Paola and go into Trastevere, which boasts incredible views of Rome. This is definitely one of the best restaurants in Rome for the money you’ll spend. Its location also makes it a great experience—slightly outside the center and a truly romantic view!

Address: Piazzale Aurelio, 7

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Trastevere Local Food Tour in Rome

Led by a local food expert, you can experience Rome’s local foodie districts from Campo de’ Fiori to Trastevere. You’ll start at one of the oldest salumerias in the city, then head to a local spot for a delicacy. With a full sit-down dinner and gelato for dessert, we promise you won’t go hungry!

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La Pergola

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€€€€ | 3 Michelin star | Fine Dining | Breathtaking Views| Monte Mario/Vatican Area

La Pergola is considered to be the institution of Italian dining. This three-Michelin-star restaurant has continuously earned its crown year after year. Let’s put it this way, there are 137 three-star rated Michelin restaurants on Earth. Nine of those are in Italy, and La Pergola is the only one in Rome. That’s why it’s without a doubt the best restaurant in Rome. You could, however, argue that there are better restaurants per euro spent.

If you’re looking for a fancy night out for a very special occasion, then this is the right place.You’ll want to make a reservation, dress nice, bring your appetite, and certainly your checkbook. This may be the best meal you ever have.

Address:Via Alberto Cadlolo, 101

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Love food and travel? Then a food tour is for you! It’s a fantastic way to spend an evening exploring the city and its local cuisine in authentic restaurants. Who doesn’t dream of eating Italian food in Italy, right?

You’ll be joined by a passionate local guide who not only knows what to eat and where to get it but also speaks the lingo. An absolute must for foodies, a local food tour is the best way to the heart (and stomach) of local food culture.

Tour the local food scene of Rome’s trendy Trastevere or go on an evening cocktail tour passing by the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, and more!

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