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Traditionally, car batteries are located in the hoods of most vehicles, though there are comparatively fewer cases where the batteries may be sited in the trunks or boots of some cars.

In order to reach the batteries when occasions demand, you may have to open the hoods either from the inside or outside the car by pressing some key fobs.

Most car batteries are conspicuously displayed in the hoods, but there are some cases in which they are concealed in some compartments or crevices of certain vehicles. (Read Also: How To Push An Automatic Car With Dead Battery)

In this article, we shall discuss the concealment of batteries in BMW vehicles and how you can reach them easily whenever you need to.

How To Open BMW Hood With Dead Battery? To get to the hood of a car like the BMW i3 series will require pressing the key fob before removing the cover beneath the locking buttons. You should then proceed to remove the wire cable and pull it back which will automatically unlock the hood.

Once you get into the hood, reach in and press the tab which causes the release of the locking mechanism that will open the hood.

It is essentially your choice to make on how to open the hood, whether from inside or outside of the car since both processes are quite simple to execute. For the BMW X3 and X5 series, there are double-pull release levers located near the base of the A-pillar beside the driver’s footrest.

When you pull this release lever, the hood will pop but not unlatch. To unlatch it, simply pull the release a second time, which will lift the hood open. On the hood release lever is a 2X indicator that will remind you of these two steps for opening it. (Read Also: How To Charge A Car Battery While Still Connected)

This arrangement implies that there is no lever beneath the hood, which will obviously help you to save time in opening it. Generally speaking, BMW cars come with different hood latch designs and the most common of them all requires the hood release beneath the dashboard to be pulled, which will release the hood at the front. (Read Also: Can You Start A Car Without A Battery?)

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More modern BMW cars do not have a hood release button under the hood and to open them, you are required to simply pull the hood release jack twice. Commonly, BMW owners face problems with their hood latches getting stuck on one or both sides. We shall talk about this much later.

Where Is The BMW Battery Located?

Unlike in conventional cars, BMW batteries are mostly found in the trunks, though we shall talk more about why it is so, later in the article. For most BMW sedans or SUVs, their batteries are usually found underneath the hood.

Additionally, there are starting aid terminals beside the engine for use whenever the battery needs to be charged. In a vehicle like a sedan 5 series, the starting aid terminal of the battery is found in the engine compartment and it also serves as the positive terminal of the battery, while a special nut is used as its negative terminal.

Conversely, in the SUV X3, the positive terminal of the battery is found in the engine compartment, while the negative terminal is found in a special connection to its body frame.

How To Open BMW Hood With Dead Battery – Are BMW Batteries Different From Others?

BMW batteries are not really different from all other batteries aside from the fact that, since BMW is known to produce very high-quality sports vehicles, their batteries should also be top draws.

In addition to this, their batteries have longer reserve energy than most others, which means that even when these batteries are completely dead, they are certain to take you across long distances, in order to get help, which is more than conventional batteries are capable of.

BMW batteries, quite unlike what obtains in most other vehicles, are specially concealed in modern models to give them more protection. (Read Also:How Many Watts Does A Car Battery Charger Use?)

Do Batteries Last Longer Or Shorter In BMWs?

It is expected that BMW batteries should last longer than their contemporaries. This is simply because their batteries, just like the cars themselves, are not comparable to most others for their class and distinction.

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The company is reputed to be one of the most respected vehicle manufacturers worldwide for many decades running. Furthermore, all BMW cars and trucks come with vehicle alternators that are second to none, and the place or role of alternators in battery strength and life span is well known.

Taking all these differences into consideration, BMW batteries are known to last much longer than virtually all their competitors, though your care, proper use, and maintenance, as the driver and owner, is also of paramount importance in this respect.

How Do You Remove The Battery From A BMW?

Removing the battery from a BMW vehicle is not much different from battery removal in most other vehicles, though most BMW cars have their batteries in the trunk rather than the hood. Wherever they may be, the procedure differs little, if at all it does.

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This means that, like in all other cases, you should start by popping the hood or the trunk, depending on where the battery is sited. How you go about opening the hood or trunk has been discussed in great depth previously. Make sure that before any battery removal is attempted, the engine is turned off first.

After opening the hood, disconnect the positive or red terminal first before the negative or black terminal. You can then proceed to lift the battery out of the hood or trunk as the case may be.

However, make sure that you wear hand gloves before this venture, as a panacea against possible harm from contact with corrosive battery electrolyte.

Are There Any Other Ways To Open A BMW Hood With a Dead Battery?

BMW hoods come with various designs on how to open them up, especially with regards to the positions of the hood release levers, which may be situated underneath the hoods or beside the driver’s footrest.

There may also be a release hatch cleverly concealed outside and around the hood cover, using which you can prise it open after releasing the hatch in the car.

What mechanism for the hood opening your car comes with varies from model to model, but regardless, your user manual will guide you on what to do and so, be sure to read it well. (Read Also: How To Charge A 12Volt Battery From A 24Volt System)

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Remember that, in most BMW cars, you may need to tug on the hood to release hatch twice before it opens.

In conclusion, the different ways of opening the hood have more to do with the model you are dealing with than any other thing else and nothing more.

How Do You Open The Hoods Of The Following BMW Cars: ( X5, X3, 325i, and 335i)?

Opening the hoods of all models of BMW cars depends first, on the position of the hood release hatch and secondly, on whether you need to tug at it more than once to evoke a response. Whatever the case may be in your model, finding the release hatch and tugging at it as required, is sure to open it up. Where this does not work, you may have issues somewhere in the mechanism, which may need expert attention, but otherwise, this procedure should suffice to get your hood opened.

How Do You Replace A BMW Battery In The Trunk?

BMW has the reputation of building very reliable vehicles known for their enviable performance worldwide and most of their cars have trunk-mounted batteries as against the conventional engine bay mounted batteries, which is occasioned by the limited engine bay space available in these cars.

The cause for this is the fact that you have a large engine in a small space and also the need to keep the vehicle’s weight balance as close to 50/50, between the front and the rear, as possible. Other than the location of the batteries, not much else is different from the batteries in most other cars. (Read Also: 4 Best Battery Charger For Porsche In 2022)

To replace a BMW battery in the trunk, you may have to execute the following steps in their chronological order:

Step 1

Start by finding out what sort of battery your car needs by checking the user manual or your local car dealer. This is basically because different BMW models use different batteries.

You should visit Amazon for standard and highly efficient BMW batteries, which are special because BMW cars come with big engines and that necessitates the need for high capacity batteries to match, such as Optima Batteries 8020 164 35 Red Top Starting Battery.

Step 2

Remove the trunk liner or carpeting after opening it, though in some models, like the BMW X5, you may need to remove the spare tire and cross brace as well.

Step 3

The battery in most BMW models is found on the passenger side, wherever that may be, find it, and with the aid of screwdrivers or pliers, remove the battery access cover.

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Step 4

Raise the protective covering away from the black or negative battery cable and using pliers, loosen the nut which secures the cable to the battery terminal. Thereafter, carefully lift the cable from the negative or black terminal before moving onto the positive or red terminal of the battery.

For efficient battery services, no matter the capacity of your engine, there are batteries you cannot afford to ignore such as Amazon’s Delphi BU9094R Max Start AGM Premium Automotive Battery, Group Size 94R( Reverse Terminal).

Step 5

With a socket wrench, remove the bolts securing the battery to its compartment, to which the batteries are mounted with a bolt-on top, in some BMW models. In other models, the batteries are mounted to their compartments with bolts at the bottom, and to reach this you may need an extension.

Step 6

Using the battery handle, lift the old battery from its compartment. This handle may be folded down onto one side when fully installed and wear hand gloves for the protection of your hands throughout these maneuvers.

Step 7

Mount the new battery and then replace the mounting bolts. Connect the positive terminals of the battery first before the negative and thereafter, tighten their bolts securely.

Finally, replace both the battery cover and liner. You are now free to start your car, in order to ascertain whether everything is as it should be.

We strive to make sure that you are covered, as much as possible, through buying the correct products, which will live up to the test of time for their durability and excellent performances, which you are certain to get from Amazon’s Mac Book Air Charger, Replacement 45W Magsafe 2 T- Top Power Adapter Charger Compatible with Mac Book Air 11- inch After Mid 2012( White)

How To Open BMW Hood With Dead Battery – Conclusion

Batteries are one of the most important components in any car since without them, you are as good as not having a car at all; because any car without a battery can’t serve you in any capacity.

In other words, a car without a battery is at best a piece of decoration or even junk, which is, sorry to say, not worth having. This informed the decision to treat battery issues with every seriousness and also to regale you on whatever you need to know that will provide you with relief from any such complaints that may develop now, or at any other time in the future.

If you have never had to contend with a dead car (due to a faulty battery), while on a journey, at an abominable time, and in the middle of nowhere, you may not understand the depression associated with such a gory and frightening experience.

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Little wonder that no time or effort is spared in laying bare everything you need, in order to attend to problems related to battery functions, maintenance, use, and purchase.

They say, and I agree, that, desperate times call for desperate measures. Surely, you are on the same page with me that, dead batteries, at odd times and in the middle of the sea, represent horror and desperation indeed! What with the possibility that anything goes, while you are so stranded? Take heed and study these things with every diligence.


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