Happy Hour Guide to Long Beach Island, New Jersey (2023)

Sometimes eating out can be very expensive, especially at a vacation destination like Long Beach Island, NJ. The island’s population swells from 20,000 to 100,000 during the steamy summer months because of its 18 miles of white sand beaches and close proximity to both New York City and Philadelphia. In order to experience the dining venues on LBI without having to empty your wallet, happy hour is a great option. There is no better time to mingle with locals, enjoy fresh-caught seafood, and sip some tasty beverages. Best of all, happy hour on LBI is not just an hour. It is a span of 3-4 hours at some of the tastiest venues on the island. Select libations are specially priced and paired with discounted surf and turf options. After years of testing out all of the best island specials, here are the top LBI Happy Hour venues.

*Disclaimer – Help keep the island safe! ALWAYS drink responsibly and have a designated driver or take the LBI Shuttle home! More info on the free shuttle here: http://www.lbishuttle.com/

Daddy O Restaurant & Bar

Sunday-Friday, 3:00-6:00 pm

Sporting a stylishly elegant New York City lounge vibe, the Daddy O Restaurant & Bar is suited for those who have sophisticated, trendy tastes. The decor is urbanesque and modern, and the clientele is generally fashion forward and fun. While the dinner menu is on the pricier side, the happy hour has very reasonable bites. There are also three different areas to spend your happiest of hours: the downstairs lounge, the garden patio and rum bar, or the O’Bar, LBI’s only rooftop bar. It is worth noting that the rooftop bar madethedailymeal.com’s “American’s 10 Best Rooftop Bars” list, a pretty special distinction!

Black Whale Bar & Fish House

Monday – Friday, 3:00-6:00 pm

Located bayside in Beach Haven is the quaint and cozy Black Whale. Our favorite part about this restaurant is its small, unpretentious bar area where locals and vacationers mix comfortably. It has a local watering hole feel, with a lively, intimate, and laid back atmosphere. Plus, the bartenders always serve with a warm smile and plenty of attentiveness. While there are non-surf happy hour options, the restaurant is known for its fresh seafood. The 3-6 menu includes items like delicious crab cake sliders (all crab and none of the unnecessary “filler”), shrimp cocktail, and an awesome raw bar with $1 oysters. Also, their beers, well drinks and house wines are discounted. This place packs up fast, so the sooner you get there the better!

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Tucker’s Tavern

Sunday – Friday, 3:00-6:00 pm

Nestled bayside and across the street from the Black Whale is the newly renovated Tucker’s Tavern. Their Happy Hour menu is one of the more fully-loadedoptions on the island. It offers a wide variety of dishes like blistered shishito peppers with sea salt and white soy (my personal favorite), IPA battered Wisconsin cheddar, a mini wedge, fish tacos (the portion is HUGE), pizza and more. Basically, the menu can satisfy a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or carnivore, and each option runs for 10$ or under.

For those thirsting for a cold libation to escape the heat, the menu boasts discounted drafts and PBR cans, house wines, select craft draft specials and well drinks. One thing to note – happy hour is ONLY served at the inside bar, not the outdoor patio or roof deck. However, if you hang out past happy hour, venture outside. The bay sunset is second to none…

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The Arlington

Daily, 4:00-6:00 pm

This posh bar and restaurant is centrally located on the island, just seconds from the causeway bridge. While The Arlington‘s food menu offers yummy happy hour bites using ingredients from local farms and fisheries (like bacon mac and cheese and oysters), it is the beer menu that draws the crowd. There are over 20 craft beers on draft, flights, and dozens of other can and bottle options, making this venue the island’s premiere beer lover’s destination. They offer discounts on rotating craft beers, wine and well drinks. They also make some killer specialty cocktails…

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Daymark Bar & Restaurant

Daily, 4:00-7:00 pm

New to the island, this funky-chic venue is thoroughly impressive, and therefore broke its way into our top spots. The Daymark sits near the fishing docks and Barnegat Light on the north end of the island and has one of the shore’s later happy hours. This end of the island is quieter than it’s southern counterpart, and therefore the Daymark was a welcomed venue. The menu is more eclectic than most, and has been know for offering dinner oddities like turtle soup (seasonal), octopus tataki and more, so if you like to go a little wild, this is the place to do it.

The decor matches the menu, as you are surrounded by multicolor, distressed wooden planks mixed with blue and white patterned wall paper, and pendant bar lights hung on boating knots. The happy hour bites we recommend are the deliciously fresh steamers, flash-fried calamari, or the crowd favorite, garlic shrimp. As far as beverages are concerned, there are discounts on beers and wine, but most noteworthy are the dangerously good $5 rum runners….

The Old Causeway Steak & Oyster House

Daily, 3:00-6:00 pm

Ok – we know that this article is titled “Happy Hours Guide to LBI”. This restaurant is technically situated on the other side of the bridge in Manahawkin. However, it is seconds from the causeway entrance, and is so good that it had to be mentioned.

The Old Causeway is owned by the same family who runs the Black Whale. For the most part, this restaurant focuses on the turf, more-so than the surf, like its sister venue. Don’t get us wrong, their raw bar and fish options are fantastic, but the meat is where it’s at. For example, it has, hands down, the BEST wings we have ever tasted, and they keep their “rub” ingredients a secret for that reason! The wings are discounted during happy hour too! If you don’t like wings, never fear, there are discounted raw bar options along with the best $4 fish taco in the area.

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By no means are these the only good happy hour food and drink options on the island. There are so many, but we only had enough time to write about the above because, well, we were at happy hour! Other great options are:

Happy Hour Guide to Long Beach Island, New Jersey (15)

Triton Craft Beer & Oyster Bar(3-6 daily – OYSYERS!)

Happy Hour Guide to Long Beach Island, New Jersey (16)

Buckalew’s Restaurant and Tavern, Beach Haven(Sun-Fri, 3-6 – SLIDERS!)

Happy Hour Guide to Long Beach Island, New Jersey (17)

Bird and Betty’s – Beach Haven(best sunset views in town!)

Happy Hour Guide to Long Beach Island, New Jersey (18)

The Seashell Resort and Beach Club, Beach Haven (4-6 daily – MUSIC!)

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Happy Hour Guide to Long Beach Island, New Jersey (19)

Delaware Avenue Oyster House and Bar, Beach Haven (3-6 daily – OYSTERS!)

Happy Hour Guide to Long Beach Island, New Jersey (20)

Spray Beach Bar and Lounge, Spray Beach (4-7 daily – BEACH BAR!)

Happy Hour Guide to Long Beach Island, New Jersey (21)

Nardi’s Tavern and Grille, Long Beach Township (3- 5 daily- FISH TACOS!)

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Happy Hour Guide to Long Beach Island, New Jersey (22)


Does LBI have nightlife? ›

Long Beach Island has a great nightlife scene. You can catch life music, grab a late night bite or dance until dawn. In Ship Bottom relax at The Gateway with a signature cocktail, before venturing over to Joe Pop's outdoor tiki bar, where DJs spin the hottest hits.

What time is happy hour? ›

While there isn't one set time, typically, happy hour is between 4 - 8 PM, Mondays through Fridays. This fills the time before dinner where a restaurant might have a lull in activity, and also conveniently lines up with the time when most people are leaving work for the day.

Who owns Daddy O's LBI? ›

Owned by a partnership headed by restaurateur Martin Grims—who also owns Long Beach Island's Plantation restaurant and several others in the Philadelphia area—Daddy-O was opened in 2005 following a multimillion dollar transformation of a rundown hotel.

Does LBI have bars? ›

The Best Spot on LBI

The Rooftop features handcrafted cocktails and breathtaking uncontested bay views. The perfect setting before or after dinner from Salt Kitchen & Bar or The Living Room.

How long should you stay at happy hour? ›

Two hours drinking with coworkers should be more than enough time for you to have shown your face, made a lasting impression on some people who make more money than you, and get a few free drinks out of the whole thing. Look, I'd say the sweet spot for staying at a cube jockey happy hour is an hour and a half.

What can I expect at a happy hour? ›

No matter what you call it – beer o'clock, social hour, discount drinks, cost-effective cocktails – happy hour is that magical time of day when drinks and appetizers are discounted at many restaurants and bars. These discounts range from two-for-one deals to special pricing on select food and drink combos.

What does Daddyo mean? ›

daddy-o (plural daddy-os) (informal, dated) Term of address for a man.

Can you drink on the beach in LBI? ›

Food & Beverages on the Beach– Food and drinks are allowed on the beach. However, there is no cooking or preparing of food allowed on the beach and we ask that you please help to keep our beaches clean by throwing out your trash in the designated receptacles.

What is the water temperature in Long Beach Island NJ? ›

Today's LBI Long Beach Island sea temperature is 62 °F.

How Long is Long Beach Island NJ? ›

LBI, as Long Beach Island is known in the local lingo, is a beach lover's paradise. Even at the widest point of this 18-mile-long island strewn with small shore towns and long stretches of white sand, you're never more than half a mile from the other side.

What do you wear to a happy hour? ›

Take cues from Casual Friday and go with a button-down and a nice pair of slacks, or a knit shirt and denim pants. Pair a colorful dress with a business-savvy blazer, or wear a classic blouse with denim jeans.

Why is it called happy hour? ›

But the term “happy hour” actually derived from American Naval slang in the 1920s, after the first World War. Happy hours were actually periods of time on naval ships where sailors could engage in relaxing activities in order to relieve themselves from the drudgery of life at sea.

Should you go to happy hour with coworkers? ›

Happy hours are important to go to, even if you don't drink,” Gottsman says. “Show up and have a seltzer. It'll show you're interested in building relationships. You don't have to stay there all night.” Really, showing your face is the important part.

What is the most popular bar snack? ›

Wings are probably America's most famous bar snack. They appear on bar menus from coast to coast, and inspire American-style chains internationally.

What do you wear to happy hour 2022? ›

Tank Top, Shirt Jacket, and Wide-leg Jeans

Choose a tank top, wide-leg slacks, and heels or boots for a trendy, casual appearance. Don't forget to add a shirt jacket and a belt to complete the look. This is one of the coziest bar outfits you'll find. If you want to feel more relaxed, wear jeans and sneakers.

What do men wear for happy hour? ›

You can't go wrong with a button-down and trousers for Happy Hour. To upgrade your look, add a sport coat. To tone it down, swap in some sneakers.

What does Big daddy mean in slang? ›

Big Daddy in American English

Informal. someone or something dominantly important, powerful, wealthy, or, often, paternalistic.

Where did the phrase Daddy-O Come From? ›

Daddy-o is an expression used from the 1950s onwards by hipsters and beatniks. It is simply a term of endearment. Cassidy believes that it derives from the Irish word daideo, which is pronounced dadge-oh and means grandfather.

Does Daddio mean dad? ›

Daddio definition

Variant form of daddy-o, slang or hip variant of dad or daddy.

What time is happy hour in the UK? ›

Between 5pm and 7pm head down to Core for their 'Good Times' happy hour where selected wines are half price, you can get £10 off Champagne, classic cocktails go for just £4.50 and Champagne cocktails come in at a fiver.

Why do they call it happy hour? ›

But the term “happy hour” actually derived from American Naval slang in the 1920s, after the first World War. Happy hours were actually periods of time on naval ships where sailors could engage in relaxing activities in order to relieve themselves from the drudgery of life at sea.

What happy hour means? ›

noun. a cocktail hour or longer period at a bar, during which drinks are served at reduced prices or with free snacks. happy hour from 5 to 7 p.m.

Is there happy hour in Massachusetts? ›

This answer is pretty simple, Massachusetts doesn't have happy hour because it's illegal. According to NBC News, the discounted sale of alcohol has been prohibited in the Bay State since 1984.

What is an after dinner drink called? ›

‍What is an after dinner drink called? After dinner drinks are often referred to as digestifs. Digestif is actually the French word for “digestive,” meaning they are exactly what the name suggests: alcoholic beverages typically served after a meal to aid digestion.

Is bottomless brunch at Turtle Bay worth it? ›

Turtle Bay Bottomless Brunch Review – we tried the Turtle Bay bottomless brunch offering in York yesterday (the offering is the same whichever Turtle Bay you visit though). I have to say it was great value for money and I would recommend both the food and cocktails.

Does England have happy hour? ›

The York is ideal for a British happy hour, but you can also create the feeling at home. Whether your drink of choice is a pint of British ale, an icy gin and tonic or a refreshing Pimm's cup cocktail, London's version of happy hour is very happy indeed.

What does a reverse happy hour mean? ›

Dubbed "reverse happy hours," these reduced-price food and drink specials often start just before, or right after, some establishments' traditional happy hours begin and last well into the night. Think 3 p.m. to closing time at several places. Some discounted menus are even offered all day on weekends.

What is the difference between happy hour and cocktail hour? ›

They are two completely different concepts, although the Happy Hour was modeled after the Cocktail Hour. The Happy Hour is used by bar and nightclubs to reduce prices as an inducement to stay longer. Often snacks are put out to curb your hunger. Some states have laws governing Happy Hours.

Why happy hour is good for you? ›

Japanese researchers believe that light to moderate drinking paired with socialization (enter happy hour) can significantly reduce your risk for heart disease. While the researchers mostly looked at men, it's easy to see why the findings could be true for women too.

What's another name for happy hour? ›

What is another word for happy hour?
breaktimetime out
time offtime-out
146 more rows

What is meant by golden hours? ›

Meaning of golden hour in English

the period of the day just before the sun sets or after it rises, when the light is redder and softer than usual so that photographs taken in it have a pleasing quality : The golden hour is when photographers often do their best work.

What is cocktail time? ›

cocktail hour in American English

noun. the interval before the evening meal during which cocktails and other alcoholic beverages were traditionally served.

Why did Ma get rid of happy hour? ›

Happy hour has been banned in Massachusetts since 1984, part of an effort to curb drunken driving accidents.

Is mass bringing back happy hour? ›

In the Senate's $4 billion economic development bill, an amendment was added to bring happy hour back to the commonwealth for the first time since 1984. Lawmakers previously banned them after a series of fatal drunken driving crashes.

Is bottomless brunch illegal in Boston? ›

Massachusetts. In Massachusetts, there are no happy hours, no bottomless mimosa brunches, no drinks on the house, and no beer pong tournaments at the local bar. They're all prohibited by law.


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