Baller Homes: These 12 Luxe Residences Come With Basketball Courts to Help You Channel Your Inner LeBron (2023)

With NCAA March Madness back, the NBA season in full swing and shows like HBO’s Winning Time hitting the screen, basketball is officially in the air. If all that has got you fired up, you can get more than your head in the game with these impressive residential basketball amenities.

No matter who they’re rooting for, ballers will appreciate these tricked-out indoor and outdoor courts available at individual homes and luxury apartment buildings around the country. Featuring touches like custom logos or contemporary design elements, these courts will make anyone feel like a pro.

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From an oceanfront court in Hawaii with stadium-style seating and lighting to custom-designed outdoor courts in New Jersey and beyond, here are 12 places where you can show everyone who’s got game.

Somma Estate in Los Angeles

Baller Homes: These 12 Luxe Residences Come With Basketball Courts to Help You Channel Your Inner LeBron (1)

The basketball court at Somma Estate opens into the auto gallery.Hilton & Hyland

A true trophy estate in Bel-Air, Somma Estate is on the market for $78 million and appeals to a range of interests, from oenophiles to movie buffs to sports lovers. The modern Spanish-style villa has an full-size indoor basketball court that opens directly into the auto gallery and also features a large screen so you can watch basketball games in real time for inspiration. Ultra-high coffered ceilings with recessed lighting and black walls provide a chic environment to shoot hoops.

17528 Jayden Lane in Encino, California

Baller Homes: These 12 Luxe Residences Come With Basketball Courts to Help You Channel Your Inner LeBron (2)

The private court at Jayden Lane.Beverly Hills Estates


Nestled within the prestigious private neighborhood Amestoy Estates, this property at 17528 Jayden Lane is built for entertaining. Not only does the outdoor area feature a 15-seater bar area (complete with an al fresco kitchen, grill and two flat screens), a large pool and a spacious deck, but just off the guest cottage there’s a full-size private basketball court. It’s perfect for morning workouts followed by cooling off in the pool.

Chateau De Lumiere in Great Falls, Virginia

Baller Homes: These 12 Luxe Residences Come With Basketball Courts to Help You Channel Your Inner LeBron (3)

The full-size indoor court even gets a bit of natural light.Cesar Olivares for TTR Sotheby’s International Realty

This European-inspired chateau-like home in the heart of Great Falls, Virginia, offers the ultimate seclusion and privacy, plus five-star, hotel-style amenities. Plaster moldings, glass mosaics, custom brick and cast stone, Brazilian Cherry floors and hand-forged iron are just a few of the design details to expect throughout the opulent home. However, it’s the movie theater, spa and—for sports’ lovers—the indoor basketball court that truly makes the home shine. Take the custom elevator to the lowest level of the residence to find the bright, full-size court.

23035 North Church Road in Scottsdale, Arizona

Baller Homes: These 12 Luxe Residences Come With Basketball Courts to Help You Channel Your Inner LeBron (4)

This North Scottsdale home has myriad sports-centric amenities.Tourfactory for Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty

(Video) Inside a $45,000,000 Los Angeles Modern MEGA MANSION

The sprawling North Scottsdale estate at 23035 North Church Road eschews traditional desert style for a dramatic, masculine design. Spanning 12,500 square feet, the property is ideal for a professional athlete—or at least someone who takes sports and fitness very seriously. Luckily, game lovers don’t have to choose between tennis or basketball when it comes to the full-size court, as it accommodates both. There’s also an incredible gym, putting green, Olympic-size pool, weight room, lockers, a steam shower and even a tanning room.

63 Duck Pond Lane in Southampton, New York

Baller Homes: These 12 Luxe Residences Come With Basketball Courts to Help You Channel Your Inner LeBron (5)

The court connects to the gym.Douglas Elliman Realty

You won’t have much convincing to do when it comes to inviting your friends or family to summer at this truly magnificent estate in Southampton, and given the long list of amenities, the more the merrier. For $33.9 million, the home was built by renowned architects with only the finest craftsmanship and materials. Of the many amenities, like a spa, tennis court and outdoor movie theater, the two-story indoor gym with a basketball court is quite impressive. There are paneled, wood-beamed ceilings above and the court is located just off the gym, which has a Peloton, treadmill and more.

Waterline Square in New York City

Baller Homes: These 12 Luxe Residences Come With Basketball Courts to Help You Channel Your Inner LeBron (6)

The perfect court for a pick-up game.Evan Joseph

(Video) NBA Players Most EXPENSIVE Houses Will SHOCK YOU!

You’d never know that beneath the luxury condo building Waterline Square lives some of the city’s finest residential amenities. Waterline Club features 100,000 square feet of amenities for residents, which includes more than 30 sports courts, fields and studios for an array of activities. The full-size basketball court feels like a professional version with its flooring and scoreboard, and it has several hoops to host multiple games at once or regulation hoops for serious games.

Wymara Villa 5105 in Turks & Caicos

Baller Homes: These 12 Luxe Residences Come With Basketball Courts to Help You Channel Your Inner LeBron (7)

The court doubles as a basketball and tennis court.Provo Pictures

Located at Wymara Turks & Caicos Hotel on Grace Bay, Wymara Villa 5105 gives residents access to hotel amenities with their home ownership. Even better, the villas are just steps from the crystal-clear turquoise water Turks & Caicos is so revered for. This villa embodies sleek, modern design with contemporary furnishings, a stark-white interior and bright exterior color palette, plus direct access to the water. The views are just as good outside your residence, as well, and there is a full-size basketball court (also suitable for tennis) that overlooks the ocean and beach.

Water Falling Estate in Hawaii

Baller Homes: These 12 Luxe Residences Come With Basketball Courts to Help You Channel Your Inner LeBron (8)

Water Falling Estate’s hybrid basketball and tennis court has stadium-style seating for up to 450.PanaViz

With seating for 450 spectators, there are few properties whose basketball court rivals that of Water Falling Estate on the Big Island in Hawaii. You can host games day or night as the court features stadium-style lighting, too. No matter the outcome, there can’t be losers as each player is rewarded with sublime views of the ocean. Just steps from the court, which can also act as a tennis court, is a cliff with two waterfalls that cascade into the ocean (hence the home’s name). The active set will also appreciate the waterslide and the Olympic-size pool with three lanes and a three-meter Duraflex Olympic-style springboard.

32 West 76th in New York City

Baller Homes: These 12 Luxe Residences Come With Basketball Courts to Help You Channel Your Inner LeBron (9)

The owners facilitated a. gut renovation to include this lower-level indoor basketball court.Tim Waltman for Sotheby’s International Realty

(Video) Shaqir O'Neal "Day In The Life" | Inside Shaq's INSANE Atlanta Mansion!! The O'Neals are COMEDY!

Who says you have to live in the suburbs to enjoy high-level amenities in the comfort of your home? This townhome on NYC’s Upper West Side, on the market for a cool $25.975 million, is unlike most in the city. Not only is there 11,100 square feet of interior space, but a total gut renovation even created space for a basketball court in the basement. While it’s not a full court, the spacious half-court has double-height ceilings, polished maple wood and baseline and end line markings for an authentic experience. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a basketball court, of any size, in another single-family residence in the city. Read more about this one-of-a-kind home here.

50 Laura Drive in Cedar Grove, New Jersey

Baller Homes: These 12 Luxe Residences Come With Basketball Courts to Help You Channel Your Inner LeBron (10)

Customize your court’s logo.Christine Frosini of Prominent Properties Sotheby’s International Realty

Inspired by European chateaux, this 14,000-square-foot New Jersey home is like its own kingdom. The estate has everything from a koi pond and theater to a large swimming pool and authentic Irish pub imported from Europe. Outside, there’s a state-of-the-art basketball court, which can easily be converted into a tennis court, that is ideal for pick-up games and even outdoor workouts. For the ultimate customization, stamp it with your favorite NBA team, NCAA team or local high school team’s logo to inspire you.

The Brooklyn Tower in Brooklyn, New York

Baller Homes: These 12 Luxe Residences Come With Basketball Courts to Help You Channel Your Inner LeBron (11)

The Brooklyn Tower

The Brooklyn real estate market is heating up, and the Brooklyn Tower features state-of-the-art, design-forward residences that rival any luxury offering in Manhattan—and overlook the Manhattan skyline to boot. One of the tallest buildings in the borough, the sleek tower also has more than 120,000 square feet of amenities, including a 75-foot swimming pool, indoor and outdoor lounges, a theater and more. On the 66th floor, there is an open-air loggia that will house the highest outdoor residential basketball court in the world once completed.

1047 North Bundy, Los Angeles

Baller Homes: These 12 Luxe Residences Come With Basketball Courts to Help You Channel Your Inner LeBron (12)

Photo: Simon Berlyn/Huntington Estate Properties

While this $44 million mansion is not currently up for sale, it’s worth keeping an eye on listings to see if it ever comes back on the market—especially if you’re a Lakers fan. Set on a secluded, 1.2-acre plot in Brentwood, with views of the nearby Getty Museum, the home has such sport-related amenities as an “all-sports simulator room”, where you can virtually play games such as golf at courses around the world, plus a “fun cave” that features a video wall with nine TVs. But the showstopper is thehalf-basketball court, which is inspired by Kobe Bryant and prominently features his purple-and-gold Lakers jersey colors and his jersey number,24. Other big-name stars of the sport are emblazoned on the borders, including Shaquille O’Neal, Michael Jordan, LeBron James and more. Since it’s on a floating deck, athletes can take in views of the whole city while they shoot hoops.

(Video) Inside NBA Star Devin Booker's Stylish Desert Oasis | Open Door | Architectural Digest

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Does LeBron James have a basketball court at his house? ›

Of course, LeBron's home has a basketball court

Outside there is a huge pool and another spa, both situated close to the outdoor kitchen which has a barbeque and beer tap. There are covered patios with marble floors and a large dining table.

What are the benefits of indoor basketball? ›

Health benefits of basketball
  • burn calories (an hour of basketball can burn 630–750 calories)
  • build endurance.
  • improve balance and coordination.
  • develop concentration and self-discipline.
  • build up muscle.

What is the best surface to play basketball on? ›

What is the best flooring for a basketball court? Rubber flooring can sustain dry, damp, and wet weather conditions. Most importantly, it offers a high safety quotient, reducing the impact of severe falls during matches. That's why rubber surfacing is the best flooring material for a basketball court.

What is the best surface for a backyard basketball court? ›

Concrete is the first and best choice for a home basketball court. While often the most costly base option, concrete is going to give you the best performance and long-term results. A typical concrete pad for a backyard basketball court will consist of a 4″ pad with steel reinforced rebar and saw cut expansion joints.

How much is LeBron James house cost? ›

5 Questions with Julie Macklowe. The Lakers star LeBron James has purchased a stunning Beverly Hills mansion for $36.75 million. Take a look inside LeBron's new Beverly Hills house, which is today's daily dream home!

How many bathrooms does LeBron James house have? ›

James added to his Brentwood holdings with the purchase of a $23.5 million spec mansion in late 2017. The luxurious pad boasts eight bedrooms and eleven bathrooms, with high-end amenities like a wine cellar, theater, cigar room with air-purifying technology, and even an onyx bar.

Is basketball a better workout than running? ›

Running fast and hard will torch more calories than heading to the court for a pickup game, but playing basketball is a better way to work your muscles. The more lean mass you have, the higher your caloric expenditure at rest.

What is the mental benefits of basketball? ›

Basketball will assist you in gaining confidence and improving your consciousness. Basketball can help you sleep better and feel less stressed. The brain releases 'feel-good' chemicals like dopamine and endorphins when you play basketball.

How much does an NBA floor cost? ›

In total, laminate flooring for a full-size basketball court will cost $13,000 on the low end and $47,000 on the high end. For a 3-on-3 court, the costs go down to $2,500-$9,000. Houzz also gives cost estimates for vinyl flooring – from $3 to $7 per square foot, which is relatively cheap.

Which basketball is better leather or rubber? ›

Professional leagues use basketballs made from genuine leather as these are the softest and most comfortable material. Prolonged use will season the basketball giving it a softer feel. They are also the most expensive basketballs available and should only be used on indoor court surfaces.

What indoor basketball has the best grip? ›

Indoor Results
BasketballAverage RankingGrip Test (seconds)
Spalding Precision272 (2nd)
The Rock298 (1st)
Baden Elite2.715 (5th)
Spalding Game Ball3.66 (6th)
2 more rows
3 Mar 2022

Can you put basketball court tiles on grass? ›

No, we do not recommend installing basketball court tiles over grass or dirt. Neither grass nor dirt can provide a surface that is flat enough for the sport tiles. Additionally, grass and dirt are prone to erosion which eventually leads to an uneven playing surface.

Are sport courts worth it? ›

Many families look to add value to their homes by installing a backyard sporting courts. And why not! Having a sporting courts in your backyard allows you to spend more quality time together with your loved ones. Also, you create many invaluable memories of your little ones, growing up.

Can you DIY a sport court? ›

Sports tiles are the ideal flooring for anyone looking to install an athletic court in their yard. These tiles are easy to install, so you can create a DIY backyard court in a matter of hours. Multi-sport athletic court flooring is also durable, fade-resistant and comes in many bold colors to suit your style.

What kind of car does LeBron drive? ›

His collection includes a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, Mercedes Maybach 57S, and a host of Ferraris including the Ferrari 599, the 458 Spider, and F430. LeBron James is considered to be the greatest basketball player of all time.

How much is Tom Brady's house? ›

The couple's current Florida home base is Miami, not Tampa, where Brady plays. In 2020, the football star, 45, and supermodel 42, purchased a property on exclusive Indian Creek Island in Miami Beach for a $17 million.

Does LeBron James still own his house in Akron Ohio? ›

Lebron still owns the suburban Ohio mansion he had built not long after turning pro out of high school, the place where he moved after leaving apartment 602. It has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a recording studio and a barbershop. He can drop a few bars and get a close shave when he stays there for All-Star weekend.

How many bathrooms does Shaquille O Neal's house have? ›

Shaq's pad spans 31,000 square feet across three acres and features 12 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, and 700 square feet of lake beachfront.

How many restaurants does LeBron James own? ›

LeBron James owns 19 franchises of Blaze Pizza around the country, his million-dollar investment could now be worth over $50 million. Some people can just touch something and turn it gold.

Which NBA player has the biggest house? ›

Chris Bosh Owns the Most Expensive Home Among NBA Players
Livin' Large: The Priciest NBA Homes
1. Chris Bosh (MIA)$12,333,000FL
2. Kobe Bryant (LAL)$9,450,000CA
3. Chris Bosh (MIA)$9,400,000CA
4. LeBron James (MIA)$9,000,000FL
8 more rows

Does basketball make your legs stronger? ›

You'll do plenty of running when you play basketball, which helps you strengthen a variety of lower-body muscles. As you run, the gluteus maximus, hamstrings and hip adductors combine to extend your hips, while the iliopsoas, tensor fasciae latae and rectus femoris are among the leading hip flexors.

What body parts should basketball players workout? ›

Ideally, basketball strength training should focus on developing the legs and the core, as well as the chest, shoulders, and back. So, what are the best upper body exercises for basketball players?

How many times a week should I train basketball? ›

Generally, a total body resistance training routine done 2 -3 times a week is sufficient to make gains. Fewer than 2 sessions per week will not result in continual progress. The volume of exercise you perform and the amount of rest and recovery you get between sessions is very important to your performance.

How much weight will I lose playing basketball? ›

As per different studies, by playing basketball for at least 30 minutes each day, a person can burn up to 240 to 350 calories per half hour, depending on your weight. If a person burns 250 calories per day, he will lose 230 grams every week. That means in a month you will lose 1 kilo.

Can basketball get you in shape? ›

Basketball is an excellent way to get in shape and stay active. You can play it at a moderate or strenuous intensity. Putting in some time on the courts can help you gain strength, flexibility, and endurance. You'll learn to move your body in different ways as you jump, pivot, and twist.

Is basketball good for depression? ›

Lowers Stress

Endorphins improve your mood, help you relax, and relieve pain. Basketball can help you manage anxiety in a variety of situations. Therefore, basketball can aid in the treatment of depression. As you feel better about yourself, so will your performance at work.

Why is basketball so addictive? ›

When you play basketball, the brain will release 'feel-good' hormones such as dopamine and endorphins. These chemicals make playing basketball positively addictive.

Is basketball good for weight loss? ›

Basketball is a fun and physically demanding activity that burns a lot of calories, which can help you lose weight. Basketball requires participants to run, jump, change direction, and utilize hand-eye coordination. If you play basketball, you'll quickly build up a sweat and start burning calories.

How much is a front row seat at NBA? ›

If you wonder, “how much do courtside NBA tickets cost?” The answer is that courtside tickets for an NBA game will range from $300 – $50,000. It's extremely impressive for the range of courtside tickets. There are many reasons for this price range: Popularity of a team.

Do NBA players pay for seats? ›

Complimentary tickets for NBA players

According to the NBA collective bargaining agreement, teams can give their players, coaches, and support staff up to four tickets for home games and two tickets for road games. All of the teams reserve these tickets, which means about 100 tickets for each game are not for sale.

What do NBA floor cleaners make? ›

NBA floor cleaner's salary in 2022

Each team has a different salary scale for its employees. However, the NBA floor sweeper's annual salary is $80,000 per annum. The figure could also rise to $100,000 depending on education and experience.

Why did NBA stop using Spalding? ›

But Spalding's sponsorship contract with the NBA expires after this 2020-21 season, and they were unable to agree on terms for a new deal. Spalding will continue to produce the official NBA backboards and rims, plus a full line of other basketballs, including the TF-1000 and my personal outdoor favorite, the Neverflat.

Does the NBA use real leather balls? ›

The NBA Game Ball is made of leather that comes exclusively from the Horween Leather Company in Chicago. Horween is one of the oldest leather tanneries in the United States and receives shipments of 3,000 cowhides a week, which go through a rigorous three-week process.

What shoes make you better at basketball? ›

Best Basketball Training Shoes
  • Nike Kyrie Low 5.
  • adidas Pro N3XT 2021.
  • Under Armour Curry HOVR Splash.
25 Sept 2022

What does TF mean on a basketball? ›

TF stands for Technical Foul (basketball)

Which basketball is best for concrete? ›

Best Outdoor Basketballs
  • Molten BG3000 Outdoor Basketball.
  • Spalding TF 250 Basketball.
  • Wilson NCAA Replica Outdoor Basketball.
  • Nike Elite Competition Outdoor Basketball.
  • Airball Black & White Outdoor Basketball.
  • Wilson FIBA 3×3 Official Game Basketball.
  • Nike Dominate Outdoor Basketball.
  • Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel Basketball.

Can the average person grip a basketball? ›

Hand Span: 8″

People with smaller hands might be able to palm the Basketball, but technique would need to be even better. For reference, in the NBA draft combine, the smallest hand length you'll see is typically around 7.75″-8″, although there have been years featuring players with a 7.5″ hand length.

What type of house does LeBron James live in? ›

Luxury Mansion in Beverly Hills

Built on over 2.5 acres of land, LeBron's mansion in Beverly Hills has seven beautiful fireplaces, a pool house with two bathrooms, a theatre, and a professional tennis court.

Which NBA player has a house for his shoes? ›

P.J. Tucker is one of the world's most prolific sneaker collectors. The Miami Heat power forward has previously created kicks with Dolce & Gabanna, showcased his footwear grails at Art Basel, and even has a dedicated loft in Houston to house his ever-expanding collection.

Does LeBron sleep in a chamber? ›

James has posted on his Instagram story before about using the chamber to heel. According to the Mayo Clinic, hyperbaric oxygen chambers can be used to get more air in the lungs of the user and therefor, more oxygen into the bloodstream.

Who has the biggest house on earth? ›

Who is the owner of the biggest house in the world. Istana Nurul Iman Palace, the official residence of the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, is the largest house in the world, spread over 2.15 million square feet.

What car does LeBron James Drive? ›

His collection includes a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, Mercedes Maybach 57S, and a host of Ferraris including the Ferrari 599, the 458 Spider, and F430. LeBron James is considered to be the greatest basketball player of all time.

Who owns the 43 million dollar house? ›

Oppenheim declined to comment on the seller, but records reveal that the home is owned by Tom Bilyeu, co-founder of the food company Quest Nutrition. He sold the company for $1 billion in 2019 and bought the mega-mansion shortly thereafter.

How many houses do LeBron own? ›

How Many Houses Does LeBron James Have? James has two large homes in total, which includes the one in Los Angeles and one in Akron, Ohio.

Is LeBron a billionaire? ›

He is the first-ever active NBA player to reach billionaire status. The only other NBA star to become a billionaire is Michael Jordan, who didn't attain the status until 2014, more than a decade after he retired as a player.

Did LeBron James buy his daughter a house? ›

Lebron James bought his 5-year-old daughter, Zhuri James, a house that is an exact, mini replica to his own mansion.

What shoe is worn by most NBA players? ›

According to Kixstats, NBA players' favourite shoes in the 2021-22 season include the Nike's Kobe 6, Kobe V, Air Zoom G.T Cut, PG 5, Kyrie 7, KD 14, Kyrie Low 4, Air Jordan 36, Zoom Freak 3, and Adidas' Dame 7 Extply.

Do NBA players get their own shoes for free? ›

Every NBA team has a storage room either at their arena or facility where they have a bunch of shoes in their team's colors that brands send them. For players who don't have any shoe deal, their team's equipment manager will typically provide them with free shoes from this room.

Who has the best shoe collection? ›

With 2,388 pairs of sneakers, Geller was certified by Guinness World Records for having the largest sneaker collection in the world. The ShoeZeum eventually topped over 2,500 pairs of sneakers. Geller's museum contained one of every Air Jordan model ever made, and all but eight sneakers in the ShoeZeum were Nikes.

Do NBA players get their own hotel room? ›

Owners also provide the lodging for the players, and this means putting them in four and five-star hotels. With one of the greatest unions in the world behind them, players have ensured that even when they are on the road in a grueling schedule, they are afforded every luxury within reason.

How many hours a day does LeBron James sleep? ›

During a recent discussion on The Tim Ferriss Show podcast, James and his trainer Mike Mancias divulged that the basketball pro aims to get at least eight to 10 hours of sleep every single night.

What time do NBA players go to sleep? ›

players needed more sleep than the average person, about nine hours a day. Typical N.B.A. games end about 10 p.m., and with showering, eating, interviews and unwinding factored in, many players do not get to sleep until much later.


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